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TIMIT Scout Watch


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TIMIT Scout Watch
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Radar guns are OBSOLETE! Keep accurate track of pitch speeds from PeeWee to Pro with the new, patented Timit ScoutWatch™

Measure the speed of a pitch from any location on the field or in the stands — even on someone warming up in the bullpen. It eliminates the need to position yourself behind the catcher as you would with a radar gun. The Timit ScoutWatch™ also keeps the pitch count and will display the runners time to first or the catcher release time to second while still capturing the speed of a pitch in MPH. It's amazing! Defaults to 60' distance when turned on.

TIMIT Scout Watch Modes:
• Little League Mode — ScoutWatch measures pitch speed from a distance of 46 feet.
• Fast Pitch Softball Mode — ScoutWatch measures pitch speeds from both 40 and 35 feet.
• Also measure the runner's time to first, the catcher release time and pitch count.

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Instructions For The TIMIT Scout Watch
How to Use the ScoutWatch™
— Complete Instructions —

Where to stand: The ScoutWatch is simple to use but your position is important. Do not stand behind the catcher. You should view the pitch from the 1st or 3rd base side, so that you get a good view of the pitcher’s release and the catcher’s catch.

Use of the buttons: When the pitch is released, press and hold the start button. When the pitch is caught, release the button. The display will show you pitch speed in MPH. If pitch is hit, press and release the start button again to get the runner's time to first base in seconds. Remember, the ScoutWatch needs only a “light” touch…do not “mash” the buttons since the internal switches may be damaged.

To change the battery: Remove the 3 screws on the back-cover, and pry the battery loose. Slide the new battery (provided) into place and replace the back cover. Check the button functions immediately.

Measuring pitch count & pitch speed: Press the On/Off button and a “1” will appear in the display. This is the pitch count. Press the top-right button for approximately 1/2 sec. and you will read a 2-digit number. This is the pitch speed (MPH) from release to catch. The accuracy is dependent on your ability to press on the release and let up on the catch. With practice, you will get more accurate results. Use TV games to practice. Press this button again when the batter reaches 1st base and you will get his time-down-the-line (or catcher’s throw to 2nd).

Changing modes: To change to another field size simply press the “Reset” button. You can set for Little League, FastPitch 40 or 30, and then back to the default (Pro/HS) mode. If this button is depressed while powering up, the mode will switch to “Umpire”, and the display will show balls, strikes, and outs, including automatic count-resets when appropriate. This can be used in lieu of a mechanical “clicker”.
One Watch, Four Different Modes!
When pitch is released, press down start button
When pitch is caught, release the start button
Read pitch speed in MPH
If pitch is hit, press and release start button again and
Pitch speed and runners time will alternate until reset button is pressed
Press reset button and pitch counter will add one pitch
Features Benefits
Little League Mode The Timit ScoutWatchTM includes a Little League Mode that will measure a pitch speed from a distance of 46 ft.
Fast Pitch Softball Mode The Timit ScoutWatchTM also includes a Fast Pitch Softball Mode that will measure pitch speeds from both 40ft. and 35ft.
The Timit ScoutWatchTMCosts Just $49!
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